© 2016 · Riverment :: KōKōnalitē Production.

Civil Rights activist Maureen was no stranger to racial injustices and traumatic events while fighting for equal rights. To cope with what she’s encountered, Maureen spends her time in her favorite place of peace, the riverbank, where she shares stories about her past to her granddaughter Tyna. Now 20 years old, Tyna has become a freedom fighter in her own right, tackling inequalities and discrimination occurring on her college campus. When Tyna decides to take her activism outside the proposed safe boundaries of school, Maureen fears for her granddaughter’s safety, and ultimately her sanity.

Riverment is a short fictional film that explores the evolving fight for civil rights in America and how it affects families through generations. Set in the present day at the cusp of renewed protests against police brutality, Riverment presents a compelling and timely dialogue featuring two different generations of activists, with two different approaches, for one continuous fight. Using the dynamic relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter, Riverment centers women to showcase how women have been, and will continue to be at the forefront of all movements.